About us


We believe in Made in Italy, not only in its quality but in what it represents: the tradition, the family, the history of our wonderful country. We believe that if our country lost these values, it would have lost not only many companies, not only many entrepreneurs but it would have lost a large part of its identity. Italy became great thanks to men and women who knew how to do their work extraordinarily well, but above all they did it with love and devotion because their parents with that work had built them a home given them a carefree childhood and given them the future. Italian entrepreneurs saw the future in their crafts, in that craftsmanship handed down from father to son, from generation to generation, and it is thanks to their vision that our country has become "il Bel Paese." It is thanks to Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada, and it is thanks to small entrepreneurs like us, obsessively in love with their art, that Italy has made the concept of beauty known to the world. It is with this goal that we, Stephen, wake up every morning: to continue to generate beauty for Italy, for our family but, above all, for future generations, for You; with the will to transmit the love we feel for our product and our work. How do we intend to achieve our goal? By producing fur coats personally made by our master furriers, quality professionals who, with their hands, create a finished product from the raw material . By choosing materials of the best quality, which our employees carefully and personally select thanks to their 30 years of experience in Stephen. We intend to create beauty by making embroideries, inlays and paintings handmade by our Antonella, an amazing artist who with her delicate touch can reproduce on our jackets any design she is asked for, from the Brooklyn Bridge to female faces and natural elements. By choosing our product you are not just choosing a fur or leather jacket, you are choosing our history, our tradition, our family, you are choosing our country and your Future. Stephen Family


Stephen is a company founded in 1986 and specializes in the production and marketing of leather and fur garments. Stephen produces a collection under its own Brand and offers a full contract manufacturing service to other brands. The company is rooted in three main values: Quality materials, Made in Italy, Fashion.